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Mara Morken
p: (917) 701.9404
e: [email protected]

i: instagram.com/maramorken

Not to brag or anything, but the Secretary of State’s Election Administration says I’m “above average.” Midterms, primaries, municipals, general elections… I am here for the stickers.

Hi. I’m Mara. I make stuff. 

As a graphic designer, the best projects involve causes, small businesses, and organizations which make things better. Branding, promotional materials, social media graphics– I love this stuff. 

Opening or running a small business? It’s easy for me to get excited about your plans. Need to brand a non-profit? I really do want to help with that. Running for office as an honest and hardworking candidate? I’m utterly and completely in.  

Aside from digital stuff, I make tangible stuff too. Like, sculptures, public art installations, and creative place making. I like to put art into otherwise unused or uninteresting spaces. Especially if it makes the space a place for people to enjoy. 

Additionally, it’s safe to say I’m always up for your baby and pet pictures. Always.